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About LXG

League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) was founded in August, 2013. LXG was rated the best gaming lounge in India within 6 months of its launch due to it’s high end gaming rigs, ambience & its attached amenities at the lounge. Catering not only to casual gamers, LXG believes in encouraging the E-Sports scene in India by hosting large scale tournaments – standalone & in collaboration with larger consumer electronic brands. With a thriving positive response from the gaming community, LXG began its expansion with multiple franchises in the year 2016.

About LXG TV

LXG India TV was started in November 2014, as our very own broadcasting network where gamers are able to come and stream a game of their choice absolutely free. The games are streamed on largescale platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. From professional eSports to casual games, LXG India TV aims to cover tournaments in the utmost professional manner including, but not limited to, display of statistics, match analysis and live shoutcasting. The motto of LXG India TV is “You Play, We Broadcast”, so don’t be shy – come on down and stream YOUR favouite game at the LXG gaming lounge.

Our Goal

E-Sports is given substantial importance at League of Extraordinary Gamers, therefore we always encourage players to band together and form a team to represent India at large scale international tournaments. LXG has been known to sponsor talented Indian eSports teams in the past and is constantly looking to create opportunities for upcoming teams in India. With a good foothold and top of the line hardware, LXG aims to revolutionize the standard of gaming in India. With a healthy relationships with all our partners, we hope to reach great heights in the near future.

Cafe Specs

All our high end PCs are locked & loaded with the latest NVIDIA graphic cards such as the GeForce GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 1060 with 8 GB RAM cards & the latest processors. Powering these beasts requires immense cooling, therefore we here at LXG have equipped all our PCs with liquid cooling systems. That’s not all, our PC stations are equipped with high end gaming grade peripherals – mechanical keyboards, ergonomic headsets & mice. The LXG game lounge also houses a dedicated PS4 section with all the latest games for users to play on. LXG has an inhouse cafeteria where gamers can either order their snacks & beverages to their respective PC stations, or they can lounge in the cafeteria – watching eSports tournaments on the big screen while munching on delicious recipies.

Our Clientele

The crowd we draw ranges from 13-to the late 30’s or even 40’s at times! One does not need to be a teenager to enjoy games and LXG provides people of all ages with just the right setup to come in and en joy the games, age no bar!